Pool Buyers Tips

Building Your Swimming Pool


Swimming pools are one of the most desired luxuries of the modern era. A swimming pool is one of the most highly esteemed part of some properties today.

Swimming pools increase the value of most residential real estate. According to realtors, the presence of a swimming pool on a property is a great investment and increases a home’s market value much higher.

On the basis of their purpose and design, swimming pools are catagorized into ocean pools, private pools, public pools, competition pools, fast & slow pools, exercise pools, hot tub pools, etc.. Thus the construction of various types of swimming pools requires the expertise from a experienced and reputable contractor builder.

You can get your swimming pool constructed “in the ground” by professional contractors. Swimming pool construction requires a lot of construction material and a few months time to build depending on the choice of material and size of the swimming pool. First important thing is, making your choice of whether you want an “above ground” pool or “in the ground” pool. Another important point is choosing a suitable location for your pool. Other important aspects include swimming pool design, construction material, contractor services and swimming pool pumps, also whether you want extra equipment such as a heater, cooler or some other swimming pool accessory.

Traditionally, swimming pools are square, but modern pools come in a number of designs and attractive shapes. Many of todays pools have added screen enclosures, spas and can be surrounded by lush greenery and plants, add a waterfall and you will enjoy many years of peaceful relaxation and good exercise to keep you fit and healthy.

The size of your pool also depends on your need and your space available for a pool. Most pools can be fitted into very small areas that you would never think of. Seek the advice of a professional pool builder to see what can be done with your property space.

When to build?

Most people don’t think of bulding their pool until the weather starts to get hot then are disappointed and may get a little impatient during the time that is needed to perform the build. That is why it is suggested that if you live in Florida the winter months are some of the best times to build. Building in winter usually means that the contractor is usually not as busy and can finish in less time than the crowded summer months schedule.  Best of all you will be ready for the first hot weather to dive into your new pool while others are just waiting for theirs to be built.

You may need to fulfil some legal requirements that are essential at most localities. You may have to get permission from your home owners association so be aware of that factor. Permiting and your local laws must be considered in the build as well.  A professional contractor / builder will have the answers you need to sort things out.

It is essential to hire builders that are certified professionals and licensed by your state professional agency.  Always check for a builders license and reputation.

So call us to spec out your property today, you will enjoy years of fun and relaxation.


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